Will the Cyber Defense Bill fail? Interview on Fox


In this day and age companies are experiencing digital data breaches increasingly often due to the expansion of technology. There have been attacks on government agencies and army computers. There is too much power in the Intelligence Community and something needs to fix that. The cyber security bill will not stop attacks but it will try to minimize damage being done. In the segment on Fox Business, they discuss the cyber security defense bill.

Vinny Troia, cyber security expert and owner of Night Lion Security, says he doesn’t believe it’s necessary for companies to be required by law to disclose security breach information to government agencies. Companies do not want it made public that they’ve had an attack or how it happened. Most of these companies don’t have basic digital security in place. Something clearly does need to be done to fix that. Troia argues that, if companies had technologies to defend against the hackers, then what the bill proposes would not be necessary. What do you think needs to be done to fix cyber security?


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