Biggest Cyber Security Risks of 2016



Hackers are getting worse and worse as years go by. In 2015, 34.2 percent of computer users experienced at least one Web attack. That is a large number of people and it’s only going to increase. The biggest cyber security threats of 2016 are data breaches, ransomware and browser plug-ins, as indicated in an article on Fox News.

Vinny Troia, Hacking Forensic Investigator and CEO of Night Lion Security, a St. Louis cyber security and digital forensics firm, states that companies are beginning to use data breaching as an annual expense. Troia states that it is better to acquire the proper digital security than to allow these data breaches to happen. This year, it is expected that data breaches will occur in the hotel industry, medical insurance agency and unexpected industries, like the high-tech toy industry. Hackers are going for more unexpected industries because people are becoming more cautious.

Make sure you are always watching out for what you click on when on the Internet. Also it is important to check everything you purchase, including health insurance. This may seem overwhelming to check every little thing but it is better to be safe than sorry. Read the whole article here to learn more about the 3 biggest security threats of 2016.


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