How Can You be Protected from Credit Card Fraud this Holiday Season?


Many people, especially baby boomers cringe when they hear the words Apple Pay. Apple Pay completely pushes that generation out of their comfort zone.  Even some millennials get weary when thinking about saving your credit card information on a phone, and swiping the phone instead of the card.

Is this actually a safe way to pay in store? Doesn’t that make it extremely easy for criminals to take our information? According to CEO of Network Security Firm, Night Lion Security’s Vinny Troia – it is actually way safer. How can this possibly be? Troia Goes on to explain that Apple Pay (even though cringe-worthy) is a very safe way to pay at the check out.

How can this be?

The credit card number is completely randomized and when the transaction is made, that number is never transmitted. There is literally nothing to steal. Mind blown.

Troia has more to say on this subject, however. There are ways in which consumers do need to be careful. Watch his latest appearance on CNBC to find out how you can be safe during this holiday season:


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